Aspire is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Our goal is to become a leader in disability awareness and lifestyle adaptations, providing services, knowledge and resources for and about people with physical disabilities. Aspiring everyone to redefine how they are perceived by others in everyday life. Bringing disabled Individuals into a more accepting, positive and trend forward light. We wish to help improve the everyday lifestyle of people with physical challenges by providing the best and most innovative services and products as we can.

In addition, we want to help those without physical challenges become more accepting and understanding of people with physical disabilities, thus helping eliminate the prejudice that so many people with physical challenges face.



Jessica Day is the founder of Aspire Ability Resources Inc. Born with a physical disability known as cerebral palsy (CP) she was forced to advocate for herself at an early age.   It soon became clear to Jessica that there was a great need for positive and realistic representation for people with physical disabilities living in the everyday world. Recognizing this lead her to pursue a career in graphic design, helping her gain a better understanding of the media industry well offering a creative outlet. From there, the idea for aspire ability resources was born. In her entrepreneurial pursuits Jessica Day hopes to help others by offering much-needed services In light of living life to its fullest no matter it’s challenges.